Communities as a whole need assistive technologies to help them deal with challenges that they were not prepared to deal with, without the assistance. While the assistance is meant for the whole community, the project in this category should focusĀ also on the individuals in the community as a stronger community member will make a stronger and more resilient community.

The CCEP: Coastal community emergency preparedness network in a box is a Fast deployment emergency self-sustainable network in a box stored in waterproof containers for deployment in case of emergency.

What is this project all about? 

Our project is meant to provide standby means of self-sustainable off-grid energy sources as well as means of communication that can be already located in a protected form in targeted coastal areas as an emergency preparedness mean.  Those resources can then be ready to be rapidly deployed for the usage of the population in those locations,  as well as for the first responders, in case of a coastal related disaster.

Coastal community emergency preparedness Hub