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The CCEP: Coastal community emergency preparedness network in a box is a Fast deployment emergency self-sustainable network in a box stored in waterproof containers for deployment in case of emergency.

What is this project all about? 

Our project is meant to provide standby means of self-sustainable off-grid energy sources as well as means of communication that can be already located in a protected form in targeted coastal areas as an emergency preparedness mean.  Those resources can then be ready to be rapidly deployed for the usage of the population in those locations,  as well as for the first responders, in case of a coastal related disaster.

Coastal community emergency preparedness Hub

A tandem bicycle, for an autistic child that has problems with his motor skills.  The child and a parent may both paddle, stop and steer, but the child steering will take effect only after the parent approves the child intention. 

A Need-Knower with a hand tremor is looking for an assistive device that will minimize the tremor impact on everyday activities involving the use of the hand.

Help us provide an adaptive and modular assistive solution that will help make the effective lifting, holding, and moving items more stable for that person.

Our Need-Knower needs, due to a disability, an XBOX and PS  game controller designed to be used only by the right hand. 

In order to address the single-handed controllers at large, the design should allow (  although not necessarily in the same instance)  to operate as a left only single-handed controller as well.

TEN (The enabling network) is a place for people to find and discuss assistive technology solutions.  People with disabilities might not always be aware of available solutions.  This platform would serve as an educational site for them. Registered users would be able to suggest, introduce and provide feedback on new and existing solutions for the disability community. Users may explain what works for them and what does not. In addition, people will be able to interact socially on related domains.

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